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Located in the North of Spain, nestled in the green Ebro River Valley, Navarra has enjoyed a long history of olive oil, dating from the days of the Romans. Since 1950 Ondoliva has gained a well-deserved reputation, offering an outstanding Olive Oil perfectly described by the local farmers with the use of the word “Ondo” which means “Good”, hence the name “Ondoliva”

Ondoliva is purely a Spanish Olive Oil, bottled and imported directly from Spain. It is completely produced, packed & sealed in Spain to ensure the best quality. Browsing in our website you can find out how to use Olive Oil for cooking and how Pomace Olive Oil is a fine alternative as Healthy Oil for Frying and aromatic flavored Olive oil like Chilly and Garlic add so much taste and difference to your Pasta and other cooking.

We also have some great Olive Oil Recipes for you to try out with the various Types of Olive Oil in offer from Ondoliva India.

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