Ondoliva Intense Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from 100% Picual olives, a full flavoured oil with a marked peppery taste. With a fruity olive fragrance, in the mouth this turns out to be a full-bodied oil with a slightly bitter flavour, and a certain woody touch with a fresh and pleasant taste. This is the most stable oil around, meaning that it performed outstandingly when heated during cooking, making it ideal for any stew or to eat raw.

Ingriedients : 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin : Spain

Uses : Ideal to be taken both uncooked or for uses in food industries and cooking (sauces, fried foods, stews, roasts, dressing, confectionery etc.

Packaged Product : Glass Bottle

Storing Instructions : Keep in a cool and dry place, and protected from light and heat. Cap after using.

Maximum Recommended Temp : 25 Degree Celcius

Minimum Temperature Allowed : Below 10 Degrees the Oil may solidify, but won't lose its quality when it comes back to normal temperature.

Appearance : Brilliant and clear, without turbidity. As it is a natural process, fruit dregs may appear from the natural decanting