Ondoliva Chilli Olive Oil combines the natural taste of Chilli with the fruity flavour of Virgin Olive Oil. The perfect combination for seasoning, roasting, cooking or just mixed with any pasta. Condiment prepared with olive oil and natural chilli aroma.

Ingriedients : olive oil- contains exclusively refined olive oils, virgin olive oil and chilli natural aroma.

Origin : Spain

Uses : Ideal to accentuate, define and flavor meals. It can be taken both raw (dressing, toast, etc.) and for use it in cooking (pasta, sauces, fries, stews, roasts, dressing, etc.

Glass Bottle : 250 ML

Storing Instructions : Keep in a cool and dry place, and protected from light and heat. Cap after using.

Maximum Recommended Temp : 25 Degree Celcius

Minimum Temperature Allowed : Below 10 Degrees the Oil may solidify, but won't lose its quality when it comes back to normal temperature.

Appearance : Intense Red

Odour and Taste : Pleasant garlic aroma.

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